Photography competition results

Photography competition results

In September we held a photo competition for the I Love Bali Dogs Website, and as promised here are the results.

First Place

  • Brandon Van Slyke  Karamas puppy





Second Place

  • Sukma ‘Shiho’ Arisanti





Third Place

  • Heike Richter




Fourth Place (tied)

  • Agra Bayu Rahadi


Fourth Place (tied)

  • Agra Utari



Honourable Mentions

  • Hadi Purnawan T




  • Natasha S Sanger




  • Kris Ritchie



  • Gangga Putra Waisnawa




  • Ferdian Rizki






  • Sandpit Bali




  • Valentina Miller







  • Sabine Zierl




  • Sukma ‘Shiho’ Aristanti





  • Heike Richter





  • Brandon Van Slyke




  • Gangga Putra Waisanawa





  • Ferdian Rizki




And a very special thanks to everyone who participated in the photo competition.

You took the time to photograph and post the pictures of this special breed of dog and we appreciate all your effort!

Bali Dogs Love your photos!