Lulu on the mend

Lulu on the mend


 Lulu, a 9 year old beautiful Bali dog living for many years in Bumbak road and known by many as a mascot of the area, has been rescued by Franci because of a very deeply developed sarcoma (a skin cancer developing into connective tissues like blood vessels, blood and lymphatic blood vessels… arising in connective tissues like muscle, fat, neurovascular, fascial, and fibrous tissue..). The options for Lulu were only 2: being put to sleep or to preform a very delicate surgery that can offer her a good quality of life for about a year. 

Franci didn’t doubt for a second that Lulu deserves her chance of at least one more year for a good quality of life with all of the care she deserves. 

At the moment the very strong and patient Lulu is still recovering in Sunset Vet doing really great and she will be able in few days to return to her mascot’s life. 

I Love Bali Dogs wants to thank Sara Skjoldborg-Chapple for her restless help to handle this case with us. 

We would also hope for more support for Lulu’s bill being that it is just a part of our ever growing vet costs for strays at Sunset Vet. ❤️