Latest vaccine mission a success!

Latest vaccine mission a success!

I Love Bali Dogs latest street dog vaccine mission went great and was very smooth. 

Our Denpasar dogs like Blacky (photo 1), Demak (photo 3), Foggy, Bonny and all the other dogs got their new shots again by drh Novita of Sunset Vet, who even received “a high five” from Boy Demak (photo 2) one of our latest entries into I Love Bali Dogs care.

We had the same success with our Renon dogs like Betty, little Mochi and Browny, welcomed in years ago from the kind Pak Pendeta (photo 4) and with the Padma’s dogs Boy, Marlon and Olly (photo 5). 

Franci would like to thank with immense gratitude the kind Nicole Van Loo, Nicole Schols, Richard Mindar, Marco Adda, Olivia of Olé Olé Ollie, Tracy Mitchell and Deb Banfield of Bali Pet Crusaders because each one of them this month gave her “the precious help to go on to rescue, feed and care for the many bali dogs which are handled daily” 🙂

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